Diversified transportation group

Russian Railways owns railway infrastructure and rolling stock to provide all types of freight transportation services, logistics, terminal, warehousing, and freight forwarding services. The Company keeps expanding its product range to fully meet customer needs across regions of presence.

Highlights of freight transportationHereinafter, target indicators are under the base case scenario of Russian Railways' Long-Term Development Programme until 2025.
Freight handling, mt
Loaded freight turnover, bn tkm

Key initiatives until 2025:

  • Building long-term relations with customers, improving consumer feedback strategies and enhancing loyalty;
  • Strengthening logistics capabilities to satisfy the customer demand for comprehensive services, including as part of global transportation chains and logistics outsourcing for industrial undertakings (potential RUB 27.4 bn programme to develop and upgrade freight yards);
  • Fine-tuning transportation products and services to meet the shippers’ needs and developing new products and services;
  • Improving the system of shipments with fixed departure and arrival times and reducing delivery time (by 2025, under the base case scenario of the Long-Term Development Programme, the average loaded freight car delivery speed will grow to 420 km/day);
  • Introducing a uniform transportation catalogue and high standards of transportation services.
With these initiatives, handling volumes under the base case scenario will grow by 18% by 2025 and freight turnover, by 21%.