Passenger Transportation

The primary objective of Russian Railways is to provide all Russian regions with affordable passenger transportation. Along with suburban transportation comprising multimodal routes, the Company is developing long-haul passenger transportation, including high-speed and ultra high-speed transportation between the metropolitan areas. The Company’s priorities include continuous improvement of customer experience, development of new products and services, digitalisation, and creation of a comfortable transport environment affordable to all categories of passengers.

Russian Railways carries out long-haul and suburban transportation in 77 and 66 regionsExcluding Central SPC. of Russia, respectively.

Dmitry Pegov
We place strong emphasis on the development of passenger transportation, and we are not afraid of introducing new business models of services. Wi-Fi in trains and at train stations, mobile apps, new methods of payment, e-tickets, multimedia portals in trains, and reward programmes are all a reality today
Dmitry Pegov Deputy CEO of Russian Railways
In 2018:
passengers transported

1,157.2 m
+3,5% y-o-y
Passenger turnover in high-speed and ultra high-speed transportation segments
7.3 bn pkm
+19,9% y-o-y
long-haul tickets sold online

50 %