Foreign projects and international cooperation

Russian Railways expands its network of international and transit routes for passenger and freight transportation, implements foreign infrastructure projects, manages railway assets, and cooperates with its partners in promoting comprehensive transportation and logistics services. One of the Company’s priorities is to boost Russia’s transport potential and ensure efficient cooperation with both major foreign railway operators and international transport organisations.

The Company’s key business lines abroad include logistics, passenger and freight transportation on international and transit routes, engineering and management of railways, machine building, and personnel training.

Alexander Misharin
Russian Railways celebrates its 15th anniversary with a hefty portfolio of international projects. Our expertise and technologies are in demand globally and lay ground for further expansion of our international footprint. This year, we strengthened our positions in the Middle East and South Asia, received promising proposals from a number of African countries, boosted the operational performance of foreign companies held in trust or managed under concession agreements, and increased the volumes of transit container transportation by a third compared to 2017
Alexander Misharin First Deputy CEO of Russian Railways
In 2018:
Container transit through Russian Railways’ network totalled
553,000 TEU
+33% y-o-y
The Russian Railways Group’s revenue from its foreign operations totalledIncluding the results of RZD Logistics (container shipment and international transport corridor logistics), TransContainer (international transportation), UTLC ERA, GEFCO, RasonConTrans, South Caucasus Railway, and RZD International, as well as income from transit shipments generated by Russian Railways’ Centre for Corporate Transport Services.
RUB 471.8 bn
+33% y-o-y
CONTAINERS shipped along the China–Russia–Europe route

350,800 TEU
+0,9% y-o-y
Foreign projects and international cooperation