Investment programme for 2019

Total allocations under the 2019 investment programme will total RUB 681.9 bn, including:
  • RUB 549.9 bn of the Company’s own cash;
  • RUB 49.6 bn of allocations from the federal government;
  • RUB 47 bn of funds provided by the government of Moscow;
  • RUB 35.4 bn of funds provided by the Russian National Wealth Fund (preferred shares).
The investments will be distributed as follows:
  • RUB 291.2 bn to develop rail infrastructure;
  • RUB 114 bn to enhance safety;
  • RUB 136.5 bn to address the issues of rail infrastructure debottlenecking;
  • RUB 11.4 bn to enhance transportation accessibility in Russia, including by developing suburban transit infrastructure and renovating train stations from the long-haul network;
  • RUB 117.9 bn to renew rolling stock (including RUB 95.6 bn to renew traction stock);
  • RUB 10.9 bn to deliver on other projects (including promotion of resource-saving technologies, social initiatives, etc.).