Energy efficiency and conservation

Russian Railways maintains leadership in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness among global freight and passenger railway companies. Russia ranks first globally in terms of energy efficiency in rail freight transportation outperforming all of the European railways combined, as well as railways in China, Japan, India and the USA. As regards energy efficiency in passenger transportation, Russia comes in fourth after India, China, and Japan.

The Company implements its Energy Strategy through 2020 and potentially through 2030, updated in 2016, as well as the Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency Programme (the “Energy Efficiency Programme”).

Compared to 2017, our key achievements are:
  • reduced per unit fuel and energy consumption for train traction by 0.4%;
  • increased use of regenerative power by 8.7%;
  • reduced per unit fuel and energy consumption for heating and standby locomotive transportation by 2.5% for electric traction and by 1.5% for diesel traction.
  • 1,800 pieces of resource and energy saving equipment installed for a total amount of RUB 1.97 bn. (as part of the Energy Efficiency Programme).
In 2018, the Company’s divisions implemented over 12,500 energy efficiency initiatives and saved:
  • 511.5 m kWh of electricity for RUB 1,566.8 m;
  • 34,8 kt of diesel fuel for RUB 1,451.8 m;
  • 0.8 kt of gasoline for RUB 34.4 m;
  • 73,400 Gcal of heat energy for RUB 139.8 m;
  • 10 million m3 of natural gas for RUB 50.6 m;
  • 15.4 kt of coal for RUB 32.1 m;
  • 10.3 kt of heating oil for RUB 142.9 m.
The total saving of fuel and energy resources in 2018 amounted to 4,741 TJ (or RUB 3.418 bn), 47.1% above the target. This is one of the Company’s energy efficiency records since 2010.