Risks requiring particular attention

Corruption risks

Russian Railways pays particular attention to certain types of risks, such as corruption risks. The Anti-Corruption Centre is the Company’s authorised unit for combating corruption and improving anti-corruption policies in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Cybersecurity risks

If they materialise, information security threats may disrupt or suspend IT services, the process flow and operations of the Company, and cause leakage of restricted information.

In 2018, the most important activities in this area included the deployment and administration of information systems, assessment of security (vulnerability) of the Russian Railways’ information infrastructure and cyberattack detection and prevention system. The Company also assessed the security of its information infrastructure (including Internet access nodes).

Plans for 2019 include initiatives designed to develop information security control and monitoring systems.

Climate change risks

The Company pays great attention to climate change risks, the most significant of them being an increasing number of hydro-meteorological hazards capable of affecting the Company’s operations.

Railway design and engineering could become increasingly complicated due to higher precipitation (especially in liquid and mixed forms) and growing number of hazards such as fog, heavy rains, avalanches, dangerous snowfalls and blizzards, and sandstorms. More liquid precipitation poses a risk of erosion of some parts of the track, while heavy snowfalls and growth of snow cover by more than 5 cm would require building higher railway embankments.