Improving the quality of transportation services

FT ETP progress in 2018

2018 saw the expansion of FT ETP services. It integrates transportation, rolling stock supply, terminal, warehousing and logistics services of Russian Railways and its subsidiaries. The platform enables non-discriminatory access for shippers to handling facilities and transportation services, including transit shipments, and provides end-to-end logistics services such as multimodal transportation, warehousing services and cloud services.

FT ETP 2018 performance highlights:
  • 3,522 registered users (up 1.9 times y-o-y);
  • 18 rolling stock operators added (up 2 times y-o-y);
  • 25,476 orders registered;
  • 137,631 railcars dispatched;
  • RUB 12,150 m of orders paid.
Improving the quality of transportation services

Russian Railways’ key priority in the freight transportation segment is to attract additional cargo volumes and expand the range of logistics products available to the customers. In order to deliver on these objectives, the Company launched new services: Scheduled Freight Traffic, Freight Express and Grain Express.

The use of Freight Express in combination with other services highly simplifies the transportation process. In 2018, 162,000 trains were dispatched delivering 1.8 mt of cargo (up 4% y-o-y).

Grain Express enables grain-loaded trains to proceed to their final destination with no yard operations in transit. 817 kt of grain were transported in 2018 (up 1.5 times y-o-y).

The fixed schedule freight transportation service ensures timely and seamless delivery and helps major companies optimise transportation expenses by reducing rolling stock and container turnover time. 32,870 trains were dispatched using this service and delivered 72.59 mt of cargo (up 21.9% y-o-y).

All initiatives and projects in this area rely on regular comprehensive service quality assessment surveys conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM). According to VCIOM, survey into the freight transportation service quality revealed a moderately positive customer satisfaction level. As at August 2018, nearly half of the respondents (52%) were satisfied with the service quality.