Passenger transportation in 2018

In 2018, passenger transportation volumes reached a ten-year high of 1.157 billion people (up 3.5% y-o-y), with both suburban and long-haul routes contributing to the growth.

Long-haul passenger turnover stood at 96.3 bn pkm, or 105.7% vs 2017, while suburban passenger turnover rose by 3.9% y-o-y to 33.1 bn pkm. Over the year, 1,046.9 million passengers were transported in the suburban segment – a 3.1% increase vs 2017, with full-price passengers, students, and holders of regional travel benefits adding 0.7%, 0.8% and 32.6% y-o-y, respectively.

The number of suburban passengers also increased due to the development of the Moscow Central Circle and amounted to 129.6 million passengers (up 17% y-o-y).

Railway passenger turnover, bn pkm

Passengers transported by rail, m people
Russian Railways’ passenger transportation highlights
Items 2017 2018 Y-o-y change
In absolute terms %
Passenger turnover, bn pkm 122.9 129.4 6.4 5.2
Suburban transportation, bn pkm 31.9 33.1 1.2 3.9
Long-haul transportation, bn pkm 91.0 96.3 5.2 5.7
Including high-speed and ultra high-speed trains 6.1 7.3 1.2 19.9
Passengers transported, m people 1,117.9 1,157.2 39.3 3.5
Suburban transportation, m people 1,015.7 1,046.9 31.2 3.1
Long-haul transportation, m people 102.2 110.3 8.1 7.9
Including high-speed and ultra high-speed trains 12.4 15.6 3.2 25.8
Rolling stock renewal

Rolling stock renewal is one of the suburban segment’s priorities. In line with its approved investment programme for 2018, Russian Railways purchased 180 Lastochka cars (35 trains).

To enhance customer experience, the Company seeks to renew the rolling stock by:
  • purchasing the Federal Passenger Company’s long-haul passenger rolling stock to replace the railcar fleet;
  • purchasing Lastochka cars for suburban and long-haul Daily ExpressDaily Express refers to day trains with a speed exceeding 100 km/h. transportation between the largest cities. This will help boost passenger traffic, create a brand new type of service with reduced travel time, and introduce innovative comfortable coach cars;
  • conducting overhauls of electric trains.