Company profile

Russian Railways is Russia's largest railway company engaged in owning and building public railway infrastructure. The Company ranks among the world’s leading railway carriers by freight and passenger transportation volumes and length of the railway infrastructure network. The Russian Federation is the founder and sole shareholder of Russian Railways.

Russian Railways provides a full range of services including:

  • freight operations,
    locomotive traction and
  • rolling stock
  • long-haul
    and suburban passenger
  • container solutions
  • logistics
  • engineering
  • railway

Owner of the world’s third longest railway network

The operational length of Russian Railways’ lines stands at 85,600 km, more than twice the length of the equator. Russian Railways is the second largest company globally by length of electrified lines (43,850 km).

Prominent player in global railway market

The Company has partnerships with China, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany and other nations to develop transit routes through Russia. Russian Railways is also building and upgrading railway infrastructure in Serbia and a number of other countries.

Unique and highly diversified group

Russian Railways owns railway infrastructure and rolling stock to transport freight and passengers, provide transportation, logistics, terminal, warehousing, and freight forwarding services. The Company carries nearly 1.3 billion tonnes of freight and nearly 1.2 billion of passengers annually.

Driving force of Russia’s business community

With presence in 77 out of Russia’s 85 regions, the Company provides almost nationwide coverage to ensure reliable and safe transportation of natural resources, equipment, and other critical supplies for national industries.