Taxes and insurance fees

The total amount of taxes and insurance fees accrued in accounting statements for 2018 stood at RUB 317.7 bn, or up 102.1 % y-o-y, including:
  • RUB 39.4 bn (or up 84.5% y-o-y) owed to the federal budget;
  • RUB 131.7 bn (or up 102% y-o-y) to the regional and local budgets;
  • RUB 146.6 bn (or up 108.1% y-o-y) owed to the extra-budgetary funds.

Government support for the Company in 2018

In 2018, the government support of Russian Railways from The National Wealth Fund (NWF) and various administrative level budgets totalled RUB 123.6 bn, including RUB 97.2 bn from the federal budget, RUB 20 bn from the NWF, and RUB 6.4 bn from regional budgets and extra-budgetary funds.