Income from transportation operations

In 2018, income from transportation operations increased by 6.1% y-o-y to RUB 1,585.1 bn, exceeding the target by RUB 8.2 bn (up 0.5%).

Income from freight transportation

In 2018, income from freight transportation amounted to RUB 1,454.5 bn, adding RUB 87.2 bn y-o-y (up 6.4%). An additional RUB 55.1 bn came from a 4% increase in freight turnover, while 5.4% freight tariff indexation yielded another RUB 72.9 bn.

In 2018, Russian Railways’ revenue rate increased by 2.3% y-o-y.

Income from long-haul passenger transportation

Russian Railways carries out long-haul passenger transportation in the high-speed segment (Sapsan, Lastochka and Allegro), having increased its income by 15.1% to RUB 19.8 bn in the reporting year due to increased demand for high-speed Sapsan trains and introduction of new routes (with the Sapsan route extended to Nizhny Novgorod and new Lastochka routes launched such as Moscow–Ivanovo, St Petersburg–Pskov, St Petersburg–Sortavala–Matkaselkä). The income target was exceeded by 3.9%.

Income from suburban passenger transportation

Since 10 September 2016, Russian Railways has been carrying out passenger transportation on the Moscow Central Ring, with its income reaching RUB 5.1 bn in 2018, up by RUB 0.5 bn (11.4%) y-o-y.

Income from infrastructure services

In 2018, income from infrastructure services for freight and passenger operations totalled RUB 105.7 bn, up by RUB 1.2 bn (1.2%) y-o-y.

Income from infrastructure services in the freight transportation segment went down by RUB 0.1 bn (1.5%) y-o-y due to higher handling volumes and shorter running times.

Income from infrastructure services in the passenger transportation segment increased by RUB 1.3 bn y-o-y (up 1.3%), including:
  • up by RUB 1.1 bn (1.6%) in the long-haul passenger transportation due to a 1.6% increase in car kilometres;
  • up by RUB 0.2 bn (0.6%) in the suburban passenger transportation.

The income target for freight and passenger infrastructure services was exceeded by RUB 0.5 bn (0.5%).

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